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        Equipment description:
        Measured notebook online body flow, the system photoelectric switch detects the flow of the notebook computer that automatic camera detection, for the error of the notebook, the system will have sound and light alarm, automatic unmanned operation.
        GOI software programming is simple, and there is a sound statistical function, can statistical fault parts of the pattern and the corresponding bar code ID, can be based on the barcode number index to detect the results.

        Inspection object:
        Detection of notebook computer keyboard surface defects, including text (including the label text), marking the location of the button, the button, the button is skewed, surface scratches (1mm or more), etc..

        Technical characteristics:
        1.KBoard can be combined with the Lable test to reduce the amount of programming
        The number of 2 cameras use less, to achieve high resolution images, real cheap
        3 strong position correction ability, do not require strict product alignment
        4 not only can be used for the detection of notebook computers, can be widely used in a variety of assembly line product appearance test


        Picture sheet




        G001 A

        G001 B

        Machine size range


        Measurable type

        Notebook computers and tablet PC keyboard text, marking the wrong point of view.

        Camera and lens

        5 million pixel HD industrial camera, high precision industrial lens

        Image resolution

        112um/ pixels (if the field of view, can obtain a higher resolution)

        Camera area (field of view)


        Detectable label angle

        Angle resolution is better than 1 degrees

        Minimum font defect


        light source

        White LED

        White LED

        CPU: dual core 2.8GHz or above, memory: 4G or above, hard disk: 500G or above

        Test methods

        Uniform line on the automatic camera test (left and right into the board can be set)

        Test speed

        8-13S/ table (17 inch)

        Line height 

        Reference height 90cm, adjustable range 0-10cm, special size can be specified in the order

        The speed of the body Express


        Registration time

        2-3min, support for early registration or when the station is registered

        2-3min, support for early registration or when the station is registered

        The machine placed position error: less than 5cm, and no test area out of the field.

        data sharing

        Equipment integration, the same height, the flow of the same line, can achieve fast switching line, after the line database can be repeated use, no need to re register, multi device can be shared between the data.

        Straight through rate


        False alarm rate


        supply voltage




        relative humidity


        Power waste




        Installation space

        680mm (long) x680mm (wide) x1770mm (high)

        680mm (long) x680mm (wide) x1770mm (high)





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