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           Beijing StarRiver Test Science&Technology Co.,Ltd is located in Beijing Zhongguancun Silicon Valley, the Department set the development, production, sales in one of the high-tech enterprises. Since its inception, in the strong support of the community, combined with the characteristics of Chinese electronic manufacturing, absorb each director, adhering to the "with excellent technology, excellent quality to produce first-class products; in the spirit of good faith and power groups to create brilliant career." Development and production of their own online testing equipment (ICT). Over the past 20 years, relying on good device performance, perfect and timely after-sales service and technical support, we successfully service at home and abroad more than 2000 electronic enterprise, has suffered from the famous domestic enterprises to Haier, Gree, TCL, Midea, BYD, Lenovo, Campbell, oppo, world-renowned company Panasonic, Sanyo, Hitachi, Elcoteq, m-flex, Foxconn, such as company's universal praise! And establish a good relationship of cooperation. Products involved in IT, communications, home appliances, computers, military, aerospace, automotive electronics and other fields. With excellent R & D team, we continue to expand product lines, continued to expand the product line. At present, our products include ICT online test, automatic optical AOI detector, high and low voltage cable tester, backplane tester, general visual inspection system GOI, circuit board dynamic function test instrument (FCT), automatic online tester (in ICT), automatic optical detector (in AOI) and other products of excellent quality has been favored by many electronics manufacturers. Our company has become the largest professional testing equipment suppliers, the market established the SRC in the field of automated electronic detection of the leading position in the country's first brand.  

          Company's products have won the Beijing high tech Industrial Development Zone, the title of the fist product, and was named Beijing science and technology development support project. Since the establishment of the company, and has been continuously awarded exemption for the reputation of Beijing Haidian Park, the first batch of enterprises, state-level high-tech enterprises, high-tech industrial park of advanced enterprises, innovation and enterprise, and trustworthy enterprises title. The company passed the ISO9000 quality assurance system certification and GJB military standard certification, the SRC has become synonymous with Chinese circuit board testing experts, the company's online tester (ICT) and automatic optical detector (AOI) products have been obtained 10 patents.
        In the service, we first 2 hours to respond to the service, to provide warm, thoughtful, fast twenty-four hours to the factory. To further improve the service system, our professional software engineers have developed a remote control and remote control system, can help users to solve problems, provide technical support. And in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Qingdao, with branch offices or liaison office.
        In recent years, Src in a timely manner to the development goals in the international market, actively with the international counterparts are partners in communication, cooperation, and cooperation with India, Singapore, Belgium, Italy has established cooperative relations agent. Products have been exported to Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan, Argentina, Thailand, Vietnam and Southeast Asian countries, etc..
        "Starship dedicated desire Shutian, a single spark can start a prairie fire", and we of the Galactic people to the technical code of conduct, industry serve the country, may strive to promote the China electronic processing industrial automation, industrialization, scale.