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        On the online test of the switch board upgrade


        Dear customer:
        Hello Thank you to our strong support over the years, our in order to continue the development, here, our to all the customers said heartfelt thanks!
        In order to improve the stability and accuracy of the online test system meet the testing needs of the majority of users, suitable for the development of the electronic components, of SRC8001 of the company's use of CMOS B1126 switch board and SRC6001 CMOS B612C switch board technical upgrade, upgrade after the switch board unified CMOS B112 v8.0 switch board, its characteristics are as follows:
        First, stability
        1, each switch chip is added to bypass capacitors, enhance the ability of the chip to resist power interference, so that the circuit is more stable;
        2, increase the capacitance automatic discharge function. In bed pressure in the process of, probe once and measured board test point contact, can pass through the switch board of internal short connection function for all test points were automatically discharge. Can greatly reduce the impact of the discharge capacitor on the switch board.
        Two, accuracy
        1, in the signal source school on time, the system parallel capacitor than the original version of the same number of switch board system reduced by 6% ~ 12%; so that the pF level of small capacitor test is more accurate.
        2, for 15 standard resistors and 9 standard capacitors do not add delay can also be tested correctly;
        Three, universal
        Before 8001 of the equipment can only use the B1126 CMOS switch board, 6001 of the equipment can only use the B612C CMOS switch board, now the B112 V8.0 CMOS switch board in 8001 and 6001 of the equipment can be used.
        Four, beautiful sex
        The original version of the M4A5-64/32-10JC 5V chip changed to the LC4064 3.3V chip, eliminating the need for M4A5-64/32-10JC chip socket, an increase of SPX1117M3-33 power module, 74LS85 chip. The capacitors, diodes, all IC plug-in chips are changed into a patch type, so that the switch board is easy to use, and the overall appearance and clean.
        Special reminder: new and old switch board is not on the same machine mix, the old version switch board has to stop production and sales.
        Once again, thank you for your support and cooperation with our customers! If you have any questions, you are welcome to inquire! Service hotline: 400-819-8001
        Beijing Star River science and technology development Limited by Share Ltd
        July 21, 2014

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