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        Chinese robot production reference to the future of the United States or to enter each family


        With the development of intelligent technology, the robot has become our life an indispensable part, small to a mobile phone, an unmanned aircraft to a factory production line, aerospace engineering, people can contact the robot form.
        Recently, Hitachi, Japan began using robots as a warehouse manager, and command the work of ordinary workers, the test results show that this model can improve the work efficiency of 8%. Hitachi's workers began to listen to the work of an AI robot, which is a bit like the plot of a human being controlled by a robot in a science fiction movie. This trend makes some professional and technical workers feel panic, perhaps in the future they will be replaced by robots.
        September 11, 2015, the Robot World Expo held in Foshan City, the exhibition attracted 100 robot enterprises exhibitors, including robot with four large family of ABB Switzerland, Germany KUKA, Japan Yaskawa, Italy Comau, and Japan FANUC, Kawasaki, Japan, Sweden Haike, wait for global robot giants and Guangzhou, NC, Anhui efort, Guangdong Jiateng, Hongdu Aviation, west of Weifang water robot.
        Intelligent robot is a representative of the industry 4, many large manufacturing enterprises, especially the automobile manufacturing and electronic manufacturing industry, has emerged a large number of robots. Industrial robots are gradually entering the field of production, instead of industrial workers, is the future of the trend can not be changed, especially in the "demographic dividend" gradually disappear in the Pearl River Delta, this trend may come faster.
        Actually, in Guangzhou Development Zone, Huangpu District Intelligent Equipment Industry Park, here occupies the half of Guangzhou industrial robots and intelligent equipment industry scale of about 200 billion yuan. Data show that as of 2014, a total of 57 smart equipment companies here, the total output value reached 7 billion 900 million yuan, nearly 5 years to maintain a compound growth rate of more than 20%.
        The development of domestic robot is a kind of level? And which companies in the manufacture of a robot robots will for our lives and production bring what kind of change? Look at the two robot related enterprises, find out behind the hustle and bustle of the robot industry, and in the end has a kind of graph king.
        Manufacturing workshop - enterprise, technical workers are handling machine parts manufacturing.
        Industrial robot arm operating platform, engineers can according to the needs of the production line, of robot arm input from a variety of different instructions, the robot will automatically in accordance with instructions to complete its production operation.
        R & D billion in system integration only six months
        A value of 10 million yuan of the robot system integration, need at least more than 20 designers work together, it may guarantee one to two month all design drawings, the process of curing. If the design is not good, the process can not achieve the accuracy of the design, it will cause a deviation of the processing accuracy. We have strict requirements for each position of the engineer's error rate can not be more than 5%."
          He Yong Ruisong technology company deputy general manager of automation division of robot
        Mention the robot, many people are most likely to be the most direct impression of the transformers, there are a variety of science fiction movies have a human mind in the artificial intelligence robot. Moreover, it looks like this tall on the high-tech products, only developed countries can play turn.
        There are many kinds of robots, in the Chinese market, they are divided into three types: industrial robots, special robots and service robots. In fact, China's robot era has come, according to the international robotics Association's latest statistics show, China has become the world's largest market for industrial robots, sales in the year 2014 has reached 5.6 million and is expected to 2016 installed in China industrial robot number is ranked the world first.
        Industrial robot, the entire industry chain is divided into upper, middle and downstream: upstream main design and production of key parts and components; middle is mainly for manufacture of the robot body, such as mechanical arm; while the downstream is system integration, is the mechanical arm through an Internet connection so as to realize the automation, information technology, intelligent operation, China's current in the field of industrial robot is mainly located in the downstream of the industrial chain.
        Guangzhou has dozens of robotic company
        In Guangzhou Development Zone, Huangpu District Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park, a total of 57 and robot related enterprises, Guangzhou Ruisong science and Technology Co., Ltd. is one of them. The company mainly focus on industrial robot manufacturing, robot system integration and overall technical solutions.
        In Guangzhou Ruisong science and Technology Co., Ltd. intelligent production workshop, technical staff are debugging a special application in elevator manufacturing door layer welding, painting, conveying and stacking of intelligent robot production line. This production line has more than 20 meters long, intermediate composed of transfer, labeling, stiletto, packaging and other aspects, each link by the robot arm automatic operation, as long as the technical staff of the mechanical arm set instruction, the robot arm can complete each aspect of the production process, without the need for a manual intervention.
        In front of the robot, you can always waving sturdy arm work, according to the on-site engineer, mechanical arm not only arms, their joints simulated people "waist, arms, wrists and fingers", assurance that it can not only in the horizontal plane free rotation, but also in the vertical plane mobile.
        Industrial robot has four key components, including robot controller, servo drive, servo motor, reducer. Among them, the reducer is a technology intensive, multi curved surface, high precision components, is technically the most difficult to break through, which makes a lot of domestic enterprises.
        At present, the domestic industrial robot reducer basically rely on imports, foreign companies monopolized the market, and ultimately caused the reducer in the industrial robot in the cost of 30%. In the field of high-end industrial robots, domestic brands do not have the advantage in terms of price or performance.
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