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        Intelligent AOI vision tester


        As time goes on, AOI is becoming more and more important in the online test (ICT) phase. Due to the high fault coverage of AOI, in some occasions, manufacturers even reduce or cancel the use of ICT, thus reducing the corresponding ICT fixtures, programmers and testing costs. With the continuous development of PCB assembly and electronic device packaging technology, as well as the trend of multi varieties, short-term production, the industry on the PCB assembly of mechanical visual inspection equipment put forward more stringent technical requirements. In this regard, AOI vendors are developing the next generation with self adjust detection to determine the ability of the optical machine vision system, which based on statistical method of appearance modeling techniques and configuration identification technology is likely to become the main trend of the development of the next generation of AOI technology.
        Small portable products to promote the AOI has become an important means of detection
        In order to meet the end users on the function and compact appearance, the constant pursuit of manufacturers to design and production of a component is more intensive, higher complexity of PCB, so as to constantly challenge manufacturing capacity limit, and in turn to the corresponding manufacturing technology put forward higher requirements. In the high density of functional modules PCB, many small components and high complexity of the interconnection and assembly increased the chance of failure, so that it is difficult to maintain a high degree of product conformity. .
        AOI system is more successful in the application of mass production, but there are some problems when the quantity is small or the product is more kinds. .
        There are several methods to meet the complex requirements of portable electronic products production, such as strengthening the function of semiconductor devices, reduce the size and power consumption of the bare chip, and improved packaging, interconnection and the use of more complex multi-layer PCB enhancement. In the small wireless products design, with the radio and video, audio and digital function module shielding requirements increase, the distance between them is getting smaller and smaller, the traditional electrical testing, and online test probe is difficult to access. .
        Manufacturers will have AOI technology as a non-destructive testing strategy. Although this is a major opportunity for AOI vendors, but also exposed the various shortcomings of the original AOI, such as low programming efficiency, reliability and flexibility and so on. .
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