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        • 商品名称: Visual detecting instrument for desk type double station liquid crystal display
        • 商品编号: SRC-G0I
        • 重量: 200.00千克
        • 上架时间: 2013-03-20
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        Product introduction:
        Rotary double station GOI vision tester is for the LCD, automobile control panel, such as the need for artificial material, and need higher efficiency of detecting design requirements for various detection have high requirements on surface detection, the efficiency is higher requirements of the occasion.
        Detection project for liquid crystal display detection:
        A. liquid crystal display surface scratches and stains.
        B. display of the black spot defect.
        C. red, green, blue, white and black mottled screen display the defect.
        D. foreign body.
        Uniformity detection of E. color brightness.
        F. "water ripple" defect.
        Performance indicators for the detection of liquid crystal displays:
        A) image resolution: 5 million 4 pixel camera, the maximum screen area of 300 x 240, the resolution of 60um; detection of maximum screen area of 150 x 120, the resolution of 30um.
        B) detection time: 4 image machine 5 million pixel configuration, the single screen about 4S, a single image machine configuration, a single screen about 1S.
        C) can detect single pixel on the screen of a single pixel defect.
        Straight through rate of D products >95%.
        E) can be detected equivalent to a pixel of the size of the scratches.
        The characteristics of two position visual inspection system:
        1, detection equipment and operating personnel at the same time, high production efficiency.
        2, support asynchronous test function, when the operator to view the previous test results, does not affect the detection of the current test equipment.
        3, the user programmable communication protocol, easy to control the working state of the measured product.
        4, the fixture replacement is simple, fast, the positioning accuracy is not high.
        5, perfect the statistical function of the data, to provide a comprehensive quality management of the original data.