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        • 商品名称: Line notebook keyboard vision tester
        • 商品编号: G001
        • 重量: 100.00千克
        • 上架时间: 2013-07-23
        • 生产商: SRC
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        The production line design of the notebook computer can be used for the production line of the notebook computer, which can be used for detecting the appearance of the product line in the notebook computer production environment.
        The function and performance indicators used in notebook computer testing are described as follows:
        One, function:
        Detection of notebook computer keyboard surface: the wrong key, the wrong key, bad printing, surface scratches, stickers, stickers, stickers, etc..
        Two, performance:
        1, detection speed: detection time < = 4S; line speed can reach 500mm/S.
        2, detection accuracy: a single 5 million pixel color high-speed industrial image machine, corresponding to the detection area of 400 x 280 (corresponding to 17 "computer) image resolution 0.11mm;
        3, the stability of the system: the actual production through rate of 98%; continuous trouble free time MTBF>10000 hours;
        4, standard angle measurement accuracy: 0.1 degrees;
        5, the establishment of new data time <10 minutes, similar to the template to modify the time <2 minutes.
        Three, characteristics:
        1, single camera dual camera technology, with a lower cost to obtain a higher performance. Scalable to 4 image machine.
        2, the device can be used in the same height of the line between the free scheduling, flexibility to meet the needs of the plant.
        3, the introduction of equipment does not need to do any transformation of the original line, easy to use (as long as the line body uniform flow), cable type and the line side of the two types of structure can be selected.
        4, line camera, off-line programming, the use of simple and efficient.
        5, can be connected to the plant MIS system, can be switched from the MIS system to detect data online, to meet the production of many varieties of product mix.
        6, graphics and form the results of both the report, so that the operator at a glance.
        7, compatible with the flow of the pipeline two.
        Four, the use of live video.
        Type B (placed in the shape of the line):