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        • Name: Visual online detection - desktop electronic products visual inspection
        • Number: C3 SRC GOI005
        • Weight: 50.00kg
        • Listing time: 2013-07-24
        • Manufacturer:
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        Desktop GOI products for household electric, remote control, calculator and other electronic products with display function of detection and design, but also can be used for simple surface detection applications.
        The device has the advantages of simple structure and convenient use, and is the best choice to improve the efficiency and reduce the labor cost in the electronic production line.

        Equipment function:
        1, through the visual system on the LED display or digital LCD display status of the identification, according to the requirements of the customer's product requirements, the customer's products for functional testing.
        2, the visual software can communicate with the standard hardware board or the user board, realize the state control of the test board, the order of state control and the length of time can be flexible programming.
        3, as long as the camera field of view is large enough, can be detected at the same time a number of products.
        4, automatic detection results, no need to intervene.
        5, can be detected at the same time the current, voltage, on-off electrical performance.
        Equipment performance:
        1, can be configured as many as 5 million 4 pixels of the color image machine, the highest resolution up to 5um.
        2, each detection screen (a state) of the required detection time is less than 1S.
        3, the state of the switch between the time is uncertain, you can use the wait function, waiting for a certain period of time, as long as the specified state appears to be correct.
        4, the board can be measured according to the actual needs of the flexible configuration.
        5, configurable probe press, maximum plate area of 530 * 450, more customizable.
        Equipment operation video.