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        • Name: Dual core online tester
        • Number: SRC D6
        • Weight: 180.00kg
        • Listing time: 2012-04-29
        • Manufacturer:
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        SRC D6 ICT is a dual core ICT products Beijing Star River science and technology development limited company developed in SRC6001 based on ICT.
        D6 in the hardware, using a set of pneumatic pressure equipment as well as a cabinet, a control panel, in the control panel and two sets of signal board and channel board.
        In the PC software, the use of multi threading technology, at the same time, while testing two sets of circuit boards. Greatly improve the detection speed.
        Theoretical detection speed increased by 100%.
        In practice, because the operator pick and place in time, so the actual production efficiency cannot improve reached 100%, only reached 40% or so.
        In a double circuit board testing time, each of the 200 to 4 seconds, fetching board time takes 3 seconds to calculate:
        Detection of the total time for 43 = 7 seconds, with a dual core structure, detection of the total time is 2 3 = 5 seconds. Improve the efficiency of 7/5-1=40%.
        From the above calculation can be seen, if the board bigger and more complex, single board testing time longer, the dual nuclei structure has more advantages.
        The following are the features of D6 (other features are the same as SRC6001):
        Two, can simultaneously detect 1 groups of the same board can also be detected at the same time two groups of different boards.
        2, in the absence of two panels need to be detected at the same time, can also be used as a single system (channel board can be used in combination).
        3, can be extended to 4 Nuclear systems.