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        • Name: Embedded on line tester
        • Number: SRC ET03
        • Weight: 2.00kg
        • Listing time: 2010-07-09
        • Manufacturer:
        • Views: 3439
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         Model: ET03 SRC
        A: product overview:
        This product is for the mobile phone circuit board adagio production and processing factories and the design of the embedded function industry, embedded ICT. This product is mainly to provide a simple ICT control system (including signal source board 1, switch board 2, power one) integrated into the structure of the equipment, to achieve the static and dynamic testing of the circuit board. The product of the opening and short circuit / component editing and other test steps are completed before the device factory, for the customer to be tested for the special test board, a set of equipment can only test a circuit board.
                         Control system 

        Two, product features:
        1, good compatibility: the market mainstream ICT models (KS), governance programs can be free compatibility and conversion.
        2, the four pin test technology, eliminates the lead resistance and contact resistance of probe resistance, higher measurement accuracy.
        3, real-time display of the fault point, accurately pointed out the fault device, easy to find and repair the fault components.
        4, the use of automatic test program control, rapid test.
        5, using high speed CPU embedded processor, improve the processing speed.
        6, character LCD screen display, friendly man-machine interface, easy to operate.
        7, according to the user needs to function module expansion.
        MIC function test, SPEAKER function test, IIC communication function test, SPI communication function test, LED brightness chroma test
        8, small size, light weight, easy to carry, cost-effective.
        9, test coverage rate is high, the operation is simple, accurate fault location.
        10, test results output can be displayed by LED or LCD. For general customers, can only through the LED lamp to display the test results; for the higher requirements of the application, you can display the content of the test results through the LCD screen.


                                  LED screen display
         Three, functional testing:
        MIC test, SPEAKER test, LED brightness, LED color, IIC test, SPI test