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        • Name: In Circuit Tester
        • Number: SRC-ALTAS308
        • Weight: 580.00kg
        • Listing time: 2012-05-22
        • Manufacturer: SRC
        • Views: 2762
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        A.SRC-ALTAS308 profile
        Connection automatic online testing system SRC-ALTAS308 can be used for connecting automatic circuit board assembly production line furnace (wave soldering and reflow soldering) PCBA automatic test, also can be connected separately on the plate, the connection platform, NG/OK buffer points trigger and trigger automatic test production line. Its main function include:
        1. Within a few seconds to detect assembly circuit board components: resistors, capacitors, inductors, transistors, field effect transistor (FET) and led, ordinary diode body, zener diode body, optocoupler, IC, and other components, whether it can meet the specifications we required.
        2. Early detection circuit board automatic assembly production line PCBA process adverse / defects, such as short circuit, open circuit, components missing parts, reverse, wrong parts, welding and other bad problem, back to the front end of the production line, to timely the production process improvement.
        3 to be able to store the above fault or bad information, display or print out the test results, including the location of the fault, the standard values of parts, test values for maintenance personnel reference. This can effectively reduce the maintenance personnel on product technology dependence, without too much knowledge of the product line, still have the ability to repair.
        4. To bad information statistical tests, through the production and management personnel are analyzed, find out all kinds of bad causes, including human factors, making them resolved, improvement and amendment, can enhance the circuit board assembly and manufacturing ability and quality.
        Two.SRC-ALTAS308 performance characteristics:
        - XP Chinese simplified / English operating system software, friendly, stable, safe, reliable, easy to operate!
        - each block / test range, needle size is not continuous with custom, for the production of needle bar
        - equipped with photoelectric protection function, gives the operator a maximum security protection.
        Super - Compatibility: the market mainstream ICT models (KS), governance programs can be free compatibility and conversion.
        Adopt the ARM CPU embedded processor, improve the test precision and stability
        High speed synchronous sampling technology of double channel, greatly improve the test speed.
        Adopt the DDS signal source, without calibration, high frequency precision.
        The password protection function: the data administrator, engineers and operators of three levels, the data management is safe and reliable.
        Powerful statistical function: - use database management, data access and convenient statistics. Figures, graphs, curves and other statistical functions. Provide change
        The most reliable data for process and quality management.
        The automatic discharge function of discharge test before and after the circuit board or components to protect the system and tested products.
        - the four pin eight line testing technology, eliminate lead resistance and probe contact resistance, the micro resistance test is more stable. Minimum measurable level resistance.
        Each step - up to 8 needles in isolation, provide the optimal test conditions, the highest efficiency of components.
        ] perfect self-test function of AC, DC, channel board, a single board, I / O card check, security work before the equipment is in good condition, and Party
        Maintenance of the equipment.
        - barcode input: PCB number with barcode scanning, can store test results, providing data for production or maintenance management. (scanning gun)
        Broad - View test board map display, real-time display of fault point, fault finding convenient.
        The voltage sensing technology and sensitive independent development of TEST-JET technology, can test the IC pin leakage welding circuit, etc.
        The combination of the three pin test leakage current test method, covering almost all the electrolytic capacitor polarity. 

        Three. The benefits of using an online tester:
        The application of on line tester makes the circuit board production technology and management greatly changed. In the application of the enterprise, the specific performance of the circuit board is shown as follows:
        1, a substantial increase in production speed and yield, improve through rate
        The application of on-line test equipment solves the bottleneck in production, makes the production line equipment utilization rate reach the highest level, so as to obtain the maximum yield at the same time.
        2, a large number of maintenance technicians and to reduce their training
        Because each online tester only needs a circuit board maintenance work, and the maintenance of the task is just to test the instrument print out the troubleshooting but do not know how to understand the principle of the circuit. Thus eliminating the need for the maintenance of the training. Therefore, the enterprise has greatly reduced the dependence on high level maintenance technicians.
        3, simplify the production quality management processes and methods
        Due to the immediate detection and statistical methods for the insertion and welding quality, the quality of the front working procedure is rapidly controlled.
        4, greatly reduce production costs
        As a result of saving a lot of time, training, management fees, materials, etc., a huge reduction in the cost of production is self-evident.
        5, greatly reduce the cost of after-sales service, improve the credibility of the enterprise market
        Prior to the use of online testing, a large number of hidden faults and temporary functions of the performance of a good performance of the product into the market and lead to outstanding after-sales quality conflicts, service costs surge, corporate reputation downward spiral. And online tester is the circuit board on the hidden failure found out, to ensure the overall quality of circuit board, so that the problem is solved.
        6, accelerate the development and production of new products
        Online test equipment makes the new product in the space of a few days can achieve the goal of stable mass production, so that enterprises can rapidly launched to meet the market demand for new products but do not have to worry about the organization of production and the quality of the products.
        7, enhance the processing business contract capacity, improve the success rate of the horizontal joint venture cooperation
        There is no online test equipment, and now has become the domestic and foreign manufacturers to find the key equipment to be inspected. For professional processing enterprises, with online testing equipment as a means of comprehensive quality assurance and accelerated production can quickly obtain cooperation and recognition.

        Four.SRC-ALTAS308 upgrade technical specifications
        1 installation conditions
        1.1 environmental requirements
        1.1.1 temperature: 10 degrees C~ 30 degrees C
        1.1.2 humidity: 10% RH ~70%
        1.2 power supply specifications
        1.2.1 supply voltage: single phase AC220V + 10%
        1.2.2 power frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
        1.2.3 power consumption: <800W
        1.2.4 power supply grounding: static grounding
        1.3 compressed air specifications
        1.3.1 pressure: MPa 0.4MPa~0.6
        1.3.2 flow: 20 0.5MPa (L/min)
        1.4 installation space requirements:
        1000mm (long) * 800mm (W) * 2100mm (high)
        2 the size of the device
        920mm (long) * 780mm (W) * 1700mm (high)
        Note: the length does not contain the length of the extended guide rail; height does not contain the height of the warning lamp
        3 weight of equipment
        4 interface standard with SMT equipment on the upstream and downstream
        Meet SMEMA interface standard
        5PCB conveyor belt specification
        5.1 off the ground height: 850mm ~ 950mm (adjustable)
        5.2 rail width: 50mm ~ 300mm (adjustable)
        6PCB conveyor belt speed
        200mm/S ~ 900mm/S (software can be set)
        7 to be tested PCB board specifications
        7.1 test point to the board side (rail side) distance: the minimum 5mm, usually greater than 15mm
        7.2PCB board size range: 50mm (long) * 50mm (wide) ~ 430mm (long) * 300mm (wide)
        7.3PCB board top component height: less than 100mm
        7.4PCB plate bottom component height: less than 30mm
        8 test points
        Standard: 320 points, the largest expansion to 1728
        * other ICT test parameters with SRC8001.