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        • Name: Circuit board dynamic function test system
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        • Listing time: 2013-08-20
        • Manufacturer: SRC
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          First, the system function introduction

          General testing instrument is a based on industrial computer as the control core functional test platform, integrated standard GPIB interface, multi-channel programmable waveform generator, programmed I / O channels and data acquisition module, can maximize meet users of all kinds of tested circuit simulation / digital signal data acquisition and testing, qualitative or quantitative analysis and then through the software of the system. Also through the GPIB interface, can also will meet any standard GPIB interface devices to access the system, the function provides unlimited space to expand, coupled with a flexible, simple man-machine dialogue interface, greatly convenient for users to use.

          Two, technical parameters

          1, hardware technical indicators

          (1) with 12 programmable waveform generator (sine wave, triangle wave, Fang Bo), each waveform generator is divided into 4 output.

          (2) waveform output:

          Sine wave output:

          Frequency range: 5Hz ~ 300KHz precision + 1%

          Amplitude: -10V ~ +10V

          Triangular wave output:

          Frequency range: <10KHz + 5%

          Amplitude: -10V ~ +10V

          Square wave output:

          Frequency range: <10KHz + 5%

          Output range: -10V ~ +10V

          The DC output:

          Amplitude: -10V ~ +10V + 5%

          (3) has 288 programmable digital IO ports, each of which is a 8 bit input or output unit;

          (4) a 128x4 full matrix switch array for analog signal acquisition. Maximum signal amplitude: + 110V;

          (5) can provide + + 5V, + 15V, + 22V, + 27V, +9v working power supply, each power supply is controlled by the software output.

          Three, system characteristics

          - with 12 independent programmable waveform generator channel, each waveform generator is divided into 4 output.

          - 288 programmable digital IO channels;

          - 128 analog acquisition channels (simultaneous acquisition of up to 4 channels);

          - a standard GPIB interface, can be used to carry out the operation of the instrument with GPIB interface;

          - equipped with a standard digital oscilloscope (100MHz);

          To provide multiple sets of power supply, each power supply is controlled by the software output.

          According to user's request, in the function, the I/O channel, the analog acquisition channel and the waveform generator's channel on the flexible expansion.

          Good man-machine conversation interface, convenient, simple parameter setting and test analysis, statistical function.

          Four, application case

          See "project case"